Model:pacman v.1 (MDP)
Parameter(s)MAXSTEPS = 100
Property:crash (prob-reach)
Invocation (specific)
./fix-syntax ./prism --javamaxmem 11g pacman.nm pacman.props --property crash -const MAXSTEPS=100 
Use default settings
Walltime:> 1800s (Timeout)

Date: Mon Dec 10 23:42:30 CET 2018
Hostname: qcomp2019
Memory limits: cudd=1g, java(heap)=1g
Command line: prism --javamaxmem 11g pacman.nm pacman.props --property crash -const MAXSTEPS=100

Parsing model file "pacman.nm"...

Parsing properties file "pacman.props"...

1 property:
(1) "crash": Pmin=? [ F "Crash" ]

Type:        MDP
Modules:     arbiter ghost0 ghost1 pacman 
Variables:   pMove steps xG0 yG0 dG0 xG1 yG1 dG1 xP yP dP 


Model checking: "crash": Pmin=? [ F "Crash" ]
Model constants: MAXSTEPS=100

Building model...
Model constants: MAXSTEPS=100

Computing reachable states...

Reachability (BFS): 303 iterations in 110.79 seconds (average 0.365647, setup 0.00)

Time for model construction: 1724.705 seconds.

Type:        MDP
States:      79440921 (1 initial)
Transitions: 109963876
Choices:     100215175

Transition matrix: 3640220 nodes (44 terminal), 109963876 minterms, vars: 36r/36c/9nd

Computation aborted after 1800.0463275909424 seconds since the total time limit of 1800 seconds was exceeded.