Model:haddad-monmege v.1 (DTMC)
Parameter(s)N = 100, p = 0.7
Property:target (prob-reach)
Invocation (default)
mono mcsta/mcsta.exe haddad-monmege.jani --props target -E N=100,p=0.7 --relative-width -O out.txt Minimal
Default settings: '--relative-width' = use relative error for sound methods, '-O out.txt Minimal' = write the property results into file out.txt with minimal formatting (will be read by get_result).
Return code:0
Note(s):The tool result '1104407476063/1000000000000000000000000000000000000' is tagged as incorrect. The reference result is '3152519739159347/4503599627370496' (approx. 0.7) which means a relative error of '1.0' which is larger than the goal precision '0.001'.
Relative Error:1.0
haddad-monmege.jani:model: info: haddad-monmege is a DTMC model.
haddad-monmege.jani: info: Need 2 bytes per state.
haddad-monmege.jani: info: Explored 201 states for N=100, p=0.7.

Peak memory usage: 42 MB
Analysis results for haddad-monmege.jani
Experiment N=100, p=0.7

+ State space exploration
  State size:  2 bytes
  States:      201
  Transitions: 201
  Branches:    400
  Rate:        5912 states/s
  Time:        0.0 s

+ Property target
  Probability: 1.104407476063E-24
  Bounds:      [1.104407476063E-24, 1]
  Time:        6.7 s

  + Value iteration
    Final error: 9.9999900012859E-07
    Iterations:  1000002
    Time:        6.7 s