Model:readers-writers v.1 (MA)
Parameter(s)K = 40
Property:prtb_many_requests (prob-reach-time-bounded)
Invocation (specific)
mono mcsta/mcsta.exe readers-writers.40.jani --props prtb_many_requests --relative-width -O out.txt Minimal --unsafe -S Memory
Settings specific for this benchmark: '--unsafe' = compile model without bounds and assignment checks, '-S Memory' = store all data in memory since the model is small.
Walltime:> 1800s (Timeout)
readers-writers.40.jani:model: info: ReadersWriters is an MA model.
readers-writers.40.jani: info: Need 14 bytes per state.
readers-writers.40.jani: info: Explored 1884366 states.
readers-writers.40.jani: info: Identified 1828329 maximal end components.

Computation aborted after 1800.0269103050232 seconds since the total time limit of 1800 seconds was exceeded.