Model:coupon v.1 (DTMC)
Parameter(s)N = 15, DRAWS = 4, B = 5
Property:collect_all_bounded (prob-reach-reward-bounded)
Invocation (default)
mono modes/modes.exe coupon.15-4.jani --props collect_all_bounded -E B=5 --width 1e-3 --relative-width -O out.txt Minimal
Default settings: '--width 1e-3' = request error 1e-3, '--relative-width' = use relative error, '-O out.txt Minimal' = write the property results into file out.txt with minimal formatting (will be read by get_result).
Walltime:> 1800s (Timeout)
coupon.15-4.jani:model: info: coupon.15-4 is a DTMC model and will be simulated as an MDP using uniform resolution of nondeterminism.
coupon.15-4.jani: info: Using default value of 0.95 for the confidence parameter.

Computation aborted after 1800.003571510315 seconds since the total time limit of 1800 seconds was exceeded.