Model:readers-writers v.1 (MA)
Parameter(s)K = 40
Property:prtb_many_requests (prob-reach-time-bounded)
Invocation (default)
mono modes/modes.exe readers-writers.40.jani --props prtb_many_requests --width 1e-3 --relative-width -O out.txt Minimal
Default settings: '--width 1e-3' = request error 1e-3, '--relative-width' = use relative error, '-O out.txt Minimal' = write the property results into file out.txt with minimal formatting (will be read by get_result).
Return code:0
Relative Error:2.674273836680303e-05
readers-writers.40.jani:model: info: ReadersWriters is an MA model and will be simulated as an MA.
readers-writers.40.jani: info: Using default value of 0.95 for the confidence parameter.

Peak memory usage: 67 MB
Analysis results for readers-writers.40.jani
Status:          Finished
Simulation time: 278.6 s

+ Property Property "prtb_many_requests"
  Estimated probability: 0.828906581949156
  Runs used:             1529790
  Run type:              MA
  Status:                Finished

  + Error bounds
    Statement: Adaptive: P(error > εp̂) < δ
    ε:         0.001
    δ:         0.05