Model:coupon v.1 (DTMC)
Parameter(s)N = 15, DRAWS = 4, B = 5
Property:collect_all_bounded (prob-reach-reward-bounded)
Invocation (specific)
mono modes/modes.exe coupon.15-4.jani --props collect_all_bounded -E B=5 --width 1e-3 --relative-width -O out.txt Minimal --unsafe --max-run-length 0 --timeout 1680 
Settings specific for this benchmark: '--unsafe' = compile model without bounds and assignment checks, '--max-run-length 0' = do not impose a limit on the maximum length of a simulation run (which is anyway more of a model debugging feature), '--timeout 1680' = stop after 28 minutes of simulation and return the estimate at that point even if the desired confidence is not yet met.
Return code:0
Note(s):The tool result '44522635900197/25000000000000000' is tagged as incorrect. The reference result is '28849226678272/16218292236328125' (approx. 0.0017788079199640542) which means a relative error of '0.0011791694990138377' which is larger than the goal precision '0.001'.
Relative Error:0.0011791694990138377
coupon.15-4.jani:model: info: coupon.15-4 is a DTMC model and will be simulated as an MDP using uniform resolution of nondeterminism.
coupon.15-4.jani: info: Using default value of 0.95 for the confidence parameter.

Peak memory usage: 68 MB
Analysis results for coupon.15-4.jani
Experiment B=5
Status:          Timeout (1680 s, 1% done)
Simulation time: 1680.0 s

+ Property Property "collect_all_bounded"
  Estimated probability: 0.00178090543600788
  Runs used:             30720890
  Run type:              MDP
  Status:                Timeout (1% done)

  + Error bounds
    Statement: Aborted: no error bounds