Model:haddad-monmege v.1 (DTMC)
Parameter(s)N = 100, p = 0.7
Property:exp_steps (exp-steps)
Invocation (specific)
mono modes/modes.exe haddad-monmege.jani --props exp_steps -E N=100,p=0.7 --width 1e-3 --relative-width -O out.txt Minimal --unsafe --max-run-length 0 --timeout 1680 
Settings specific for this benchmark: '--unsafe' = compile model without bounds and assignment checks, '--max-run-length 0' = do not impose a limit on the maximum length of a simulation run (which is anyway more of a model debugging feature), '--timeout 1680' = stop after 28 minutes of simulation and return the estimate at that point even if the desired confidence is not yet met.
Return code:0
Note(s):Unable to obtain tool result.
haddad-monmege.jani:model: info: haddad-monmege is a DTMC model and will be simulated as an MDP using uniform resolution of nondeterminism.
haddad-monmege.jani: info: Using default value of 0.95 for the confidence parameter.