Model:elevators v.1 (MDP)
Parameter(s)variant = b, p = 11, c = 9
Property:goal (prob-reach)
Invocation (default)
python2.7 probfd-qcomp19/builds/release64/bin/translate/ domain.pddl p15.pddl
probfd-qcomp19/builds/release64/bin/downward --sas --engine fretpi-hdp --heuristic hmax --enable-caching --epsilon 1e-6
Probabilistic-FD FRET-pi + HDP configuration
Return code:0, 0
Relative Error:0.0
Parsing: [0.000s CPU, 0.005s wall-clock]
Normalizing task... [0.000s CPU, 0.000s wall-clock]
Generating Datalog program... [0.010s CPU, 0.001s wall-clock]
Normalizing Datalog program...
Normalizing Datalog program: [0.000s CPU, 0.004s wall-clock]
Preparing model... [0.000s CPU, 0.002s wall-clock]
Generated 62 rules.
Computing model... [0.010s CPU, 0.012s wall-clock]
314 relevant atoms
509 auxiliary atoms
823 final queue length
911 total queue pushes
Completing instantiation... [0.010s CPU, 0.007s wall-clock]
Instantiating: [0.030s CPU, 0.026s wall-clock]
Computing fact groups...
Finding invariants...
14 initial candidates
Finding invariants: [0.000s CPU, 0.003s wall-clock]
Checking invariant weight... [0.000s CPU, 0.000s wall-clock]
Instantiating groups... [0.010s CPU, 0.002s wall-clock]
Collecting mutex groups... [0.000s CPU, 0.000s wall-clock]
Choosing groups...
57 uncovered facts
Choosing groups: [0.000s CPU, 0.000s wall-clock]
Building translation key... [0.000s CPU, 0.000s wall-clock]
Computing fact groups: [0.010s CPU, 0.006s wall-clock]
Building STRIPS to SAS dictionary... [0.000s CPU, 0.000s wall-clock]
Building dictionary for full mutex groups... [0.000s CPU, 0.000s wall-clock]
Building mutex information...
Building mutex information: [0.000s CPU, 0.000s wall-clock]
Translating task...
Processing axioms...
Simplifying axioms... [0.000s CPU, 0.000s wall-clock]
Processing axioms: [0.000s CPU, 0.000s wall-clock]
Translating task: [0.000s CPU, 0.006s wall-clock]
111 effect conditions simplified
0 implied preconditions added
Detecting unreachable propositions...
0 operators removed
0 axioms removed
3 propositions removed
Detecting unreachable propositions: [0.010s CPU, 0.004s wall-clock]
Reordering and filtering variables...
60 of 60 variables necessary.
0 of 3 mutex groups necessary.
123 of 123 operators necessary.
0 of 0 axiom rules necessary.
Reordering and filtering variables: [0.000s CPU, 0.002s wall-clock]
Translator variables: 60
Translator derived variables: 0
Translator facts: 123
Translator goal facts: 9
Translator mutex groups: 0
Translator total mutex groups size: 0
Translator operators: 123
Translator axioms: 0
Translator task size: 699
Translator peak memory: 50100 KB
Writing output... [0.000s CPU, 0.002s wall-clock]
Done! [0.050s CPU, 0.052s wall-clock]	
reading input... [t=6.5623e-05s]
done reading input! [t=0.000534389s]
variables: 60
goals: 9
actions: 123
axioms: 0
has conditional effects: 0
reconstructing probabilistic actions... [t=0.000561345s]
done reconstructing probabilistic actions! [t=0.000901979s]
probabilistic actions: 105 (with 123 outcomes)
constructing successor generator... [t=0.000950262s]
done constructing successor generator! [t=0.00101167s]
Bytes per state: 8
Property: MaxProb
Preparing hmax dead end detection heuristic... [t=0.00104017s]
hmax initialization done! [t=0.00112425s]
Engine: FRET-pi with HDP
Starting trap elimination heuristic search wrapper...
Initial state reward: 1
Expansions: 4264
Registered states: 5111
Generated states: 26876
Cached transitions: 25474
Expansion cache hits: 41757
Transition cache hits: 2950419
Approximate transition cache memory usage: 667KB
Solver time: 0.3531138699999999964s
Total time: 0.35426552499999997s